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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Seriously, I am of no use..I had only 1 good habit of penning down my emotions over a page of blog. This was the only creativity outlet I had to come out of crowd. No Man !! this's not done.
I am not gonna give up the habit of writing blog.

Some near past failures like failing the IBM interview have again sown the seed of dreadfulness and non-complacency, often required to write down few words. For people who are not in touch, I had a reasonably good interview at IBM ( only according to me) just to listen that I wasnt good enuf to be taken into consideration.

Pooh, IBM you, and not I shall be regretful for not taking me. I woke up around 9 am ( a rare scenario on saturday for office goers) to study my old Mainframes concepts. I mugged many things and as a result of that , I was in top notch to score 28 marks out of 50. Still, the interviewer said that "I need to be moderate in my approach . Point taken sir !! .

Mr Anonymous also said that sometimes I should also face the fire of rejection to have a shine at par with gold in long term. Your point is also taken sir !! The very few logical things I need to do now is to improve my Tech knowledge to come out with running if not flying colors.

Failures are only step stones for success is being said by some chosen fews of the world and I am too short of height to reject that and feel cribbing and remorseful about every minute details of the interview.

hereby, I take an oath that within 1 month I shall come out with flying colors.


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