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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where am I going??

Long time no blog. This is something serious. I was thinking each day of writing something good, but procrastination dominated. Today i decided to break the pattern.Albeit, i dont have anything to write still some or the other random thoughts have always been lingering into my mind, which I decided to pen down.

Weekend was wonderful and how coudln't that be. I was in home for 3 days. Meet a good friend, an ex-infoscion, who started some business of his own. Had some good discussion with him which converged to some finite amount of points. The discussion was all about career, of my career. The discussion was a blend of what he thinks I should be doing and at the same time what I think , I should be doing.

The discussion was all about my wish to leave my current firm and think of something else.Although he was happy with the kind of career I wanted but was not satisfied with the Idea of leaving a good firm like Infosys. He said that I could get some international exposure at Infosys if they send me onsite. An International exposure plus money savings would result in something lucrative.

My logic was all about the point that I didnt enjoy my work 80% of the time. The only time I felt like doing work was when I used to design. The rest of the life cycle which consists of coding, testing and reviewing could not attract my attention but could only make me crib.According to Gopal Krishnan, one should not go for superficial things like Onsite trip and 200% hike in salary if one is thinking about changing the job.

So, if an onsite trip doesnt makes you change the job, then it shouldnt save you from changing a job. isn't it?? Nevertheless, I was clear about the problems in the current job.The problemis I have always been craving for doing some work which was general in nature and not application oriented.

That work should ideally deploy some of the basic searching, sorting techniques that I have learned in my BTech. According to people such kind of work is only possible in research and not in any job as job is for implementation and not for devising any new algorithm.

So, does that mean that I should stop searching my ideal job. Nopes, that cant be. What needs to be done is to keep yourself updated and keep fighting for the best oppurtunities.At this hour of day when I am not having any work which challenges me mentally, I am seriously missing my alma-mater where I used to have serious mind boggling problems if i could have taken sufficient interest and one of the best people in world to solve them.

Also, my changing interest from Electronics to Computer science is a new feeling which I am experiencing these days. Does that mean that I should be doing my Masters in Computer engineering? or is it a transient which will fad away with time. This could be because these days I am thinking much over a problem which is assigned to me to the extent about how could I solve them faster and better.

These days programitical loops entertain me more than they used to when I was in my hey days. But I am still not having sufficient knowledge about the algorithms that rule the computer science industry, so things are just abstract in nature. But yes, I am looking forward to challenging work which people say is only possible in Research.

At the same time I am attracted to the mind boggling package offered to the Management graduates from the elite bschools hence some work which could be blend of both could serve my ego. Is analytics
an answer to this? or should I rather think of making writing as a career.???

One should according to me keep thinking about the kind of things they want to do in their career and should not be fearful while going for them. I am into the same stage. May God grant me maturity with conviction so that the thoughts in my mind ossify.


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