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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Food for thought..

Got some beautiful lines differentiating love and pampering...

Is it true that one of the greatest needs is to feel loved? Seems so, but it's not true! 'The need to be pampered', rather than 'the need to be loved', seems to be the greatest craving. Is there a difference? When you want others to love you (only) the way you want to be loved, it is pampering. To a lot of people, being loved means their loved ones should always be soft on them, always agree with what they say, never complain or criticise, never push them beyond their comfort zones… basically leave them as they are, accept them as they are and not show any signs of wanting to change them. But love is not love that pampers. Love is love that makes a difference. Pampering will weaken you. Love will create you.

After all, no man is perfect. There is endless scope to better ourselves. Except those who love you, no one else cares about whether you improve or not. In the name of tolerance, pampering will leave you with your imperfections. Even at the cost of hurting your ego, love will give you feedbacks to make a difference to you. Pampering works with your ego. Love works on you
No man can always be right. In the name of acceptance, pampering will make what's not okay look okay. Love will act as a mirror and reflect you to you - not as you want to be seen, but as you truly are. The world will punish you for your wrong; love will endure your wrong and work on making you right. Only those who love you will tell you that there is gunk on your nose; the rest will make a joke out of you. Pampering is a mere façade, wanting to appear nice. One of the most honest expressions of love is the courage to take the risk of being mistaken and yet being a constructive critic.

The motivation levels of most people are low. You need someone or something outside of you to push you. Pampering will sinfully leave you in your low performing, comfort zone. Love will even dare to risk the friendship to create the friend. To demand - 'Give more of you to life', is an intense expression of love. You cannot be left as you are. That which does not change does not grow and that which does not grow, dies. The call to awaken one from his slumber is pure, classic love.

Pampering is like boozing. It gives you a joyful evening but nothing about you may change. Love is like meditation. It may seem that nothing is happening and yet everything about you will change. Crave to be loved and to be created, and not to be pampered and get stagnated.
The French poet Guillaume Apollinaire said it this way."Come to the edge," he said. "We can't, we're afraid!" they responded."Come to the edge," he said. "We can't, we will fall!" they responded."Come to the edge," he said. And so they came. And he pushed them.And they flew.

Oh my beloved! I say to you, "My love may not come to you in the packaging you want. However, my love serves a purpose. It will create you."


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