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Monday, February 23, 2009

Review - Delhi -6..Name it Firozabad 6

So finally Delhi 6 releases. Not living to the standards of its expectations, the movie has more loopholes than the stronger points. The film suffers from Bad scripts, "deletable without any effect scenes" and from an excess of characters in the movie. Anyway, this is how it goes: Roshan( Abhishek) emigrates from US to India when her Granny suffers from a stroke and states her last wish to die in her motherland. Blacked by the Emotional Blackmail, Roshan vouches for taking her to Delhi, specifically Delhi-6. Roshan is amused by at the chaos and the norms, traditions in India, some of which he really abhors. He keeps the decision of returning to US back in his mind until he falls in love with Sonam. Apart from the love for Sonam, his wish to be the part of this place, India, keeps him away from returning back. Then starts the real stupidity: the issue of Kaala bandar a mysterious character, creates a riot in delhi 6 when people from both the communities( Obviously Hindu and Muslim) become thirsty for each other's blood. Abhishek is just a side observer for all this. Finally after few ramifications he adorns the cloth of Kaala bandar( the bone of contention) only to sacrifice his life.

Now, many things from excess of Kaala bandar to excess of Ramayana to excess involvement of Thulla( PK dubey of Moonsoon wedding) to excess of kidism of the two kids from sonam's family seemed out of place, none of which was required. I didnt understand onething. If Idiosyncracies of the society( Hindu muslim tussle, Beatification of Cow, disparity to lower caste people) were the main issues the director wanted to present why did he build a plot till intermission. Some the plot build till intermission isnt congruent with the material after intermission. I wish the kaala bandar ended by intermission. That, it is the central theme of the movie isnt digestible, atleast two days after watching. The tameness of the people for the cow delivering a baby on the road and people getting maniac for this was better suited for a village or a town at best, rather than for the capital of India, that too in 2009 when India is the world's second fastest growing economy. If Rakesh Mehra wanted to show this cow event he should have shotted in some town of UP like Firozabad or some place of Bihar like Darbhanga and named the movie accordingly Firozabad - 6 or likes. Many of the scenes were just stuffed inside when there was no need. This includes scene when the muslim guy makes fun of the thulla and becomes a laughing stock thereafter. It seems like Rakesh Mehra has just turned a blind eye towards the current scenario in India and taken the historical areas like Chandni Chowk too seriously. This list can go on and on but I am stopping coz of the brand Rang de Basanti from Mehra.

The only respite people had was the timely advent of the songs and few Abhi-Sonam moments , even which didnt force me to think that Sonam had something sof in her heart for Abhi till the end. Now call it mistake on sonam's part or blame it on the script. The songs were good fitting to the situation. It was good to see a US resident( abhishek) dance to the tunes of folklore like Sasural Genda phool and similarly in Masakali. Abhishek's presence is one of the most important thing thats happening in the movie which "might" hold you at your seat. Though on account of the large number of characters, his role is lessened vis a vis a normal movie but he has done his part diligently. Sonam was close to a showpeace and didnt impact the movie more than few moments and the Masakali Moments. The Delhi 6 interiors which was actually my village from Rajasthan, Sambhar Lake was one of the luring point. Most of the gullies shot were the ones which I have crossed umpteen number of times including the gully of " ask the monkey " scene which is just next to our house.

Delhi 6 is a disappointing stuff from a reputed director.

Pause: Prem chopra's house is our house..


Blogger ashu said...

For what you said leaves me with no doubt(until my suicidal instincts take upon me!) to watch Dharbhaga - 6.

Well I thought you will have some mercy for Sonam but if it comes from a guy with a keen eye for gals, I am sure she didn't live up to expectations..

I like the overall review in terms of fair and justified approach of being a critic, which you have always been.. Keep up the good work.. Cheers

3:01 PM

Blogger Pragya. said...

Hey well said Ayush. I agree to the core. The kala bandar took a toll over my health. Guess the movie revolved around the kala bandar. Abhishek's fake american accent was no less than some BPO employee..If a bandar can resolve communal clashes then I think every locality should have one and if u don't want him to behave like Suresh ( the lecherous photographer), get him a bandariya and every thing will be as fine as some utopic tale.
Thanks to Rehman, his music again was like Old wine in a new bottle, as exotic as your 'Mature Wine'
Good post Ayush.
I will give 2/5 to Delhi -6 and to your post..the double of it.

4:02 PM

Blogger Priyank said...

i think this is not the first time that we have seen a good director just screwing a good plot in the wake of his just found creativity .
coming back to comments made by u ...i time..please make sure that u watch any such hyped movie on friday morning itself tht after reading such crisp +ve criticism ,people like me can save in 10$ :)

cheers and keep writing

5:22 PM


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