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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review- The curious case of Benjamin Button(B2)

Guys, I dont even know whether I am an eligible lad for writing a review for a hollywood movie. That too if the movie happens to be one of the oscar nominated. My hesitation would obviously take a hike. But anyway, considering my understanding for a hollywood movie has increased remarkably I give it a try..Ok.....The curious case..(TCC) is a sure shot deserving movie to be nominated for an Oscar. I havent seen Slumdog..but my heart goes out for TCC. To say it in few words: The movie eats you from within. Here is the concept. We have a peculiar man ( Brad Pitt) who is born as a unconventional child. Unconventional ?? How ?? ...Hmmm..This guy is actually an old man when he is born..with of course height of a kid. So what happens then ?? Yes, he gets younger each day, quite polar to normal homo sapiens. Aint it ?? So original a concept. Mr B2 lives each day, with umpteen number of people asking him everyday his age and then giving him a raised eyebrow response. B2 takes all the humour about his abnormality in a "hardly matters for me " spirit. Continuing his life , he meets a girl who enjoys a close chemistry with him. They make good friends with each other and later graduate to a higher level. B2 leaves his home at adolescence, with the old looks intact, reminding us of conventional 18 year itch of an american teenager. Sees the world and takes every experience in his stride, returning sporadically to his Mom. He finally meets the girl, yes the same girl..and realizes his love for her. The life gets rosy with both of almost same age. MR B2 taking backward leaps keeps on getting younger, with the spouse getting older, each day. This sad concept intact, finally the protagonist dies in the arms of the heroine with the heroine of the age of the hero's grand maa.

The movie carries on the environment of the tension which builds with each passing day and showing B2 the closer home death. You are moved to the highest extent when the heroine sees B2 as a ten year old teenager , not ready to recognize her and then asking her-- Do we know each other ? You cant stop praising B2's wife for still caring for her Kid-Beau. This is a sure shot case of commitment. The scene is shot very beautifully. It shows the basic nature of human beings to care for our loved ones even if they are indifferent to us. Few other scenes that appealed me were the following :

1) When the boat driver asks Benjamin, what was the last time he touched a woman and gets an innocent " never " answer.
2) When Benjamin's wife expresses her sorrow/jealousy/concern for she getting more wrinkled , each day passing unlike B2 who was getting younger each day. One thinks for the heroine and for the insecurity and the complex she endorses for this raising uncompatiblity.
3) Benjamin's concern for his child who was in her mother's womb for the remote possibility that what if the child was like him and otherwise could the mother raise both( yes both ) ??
4) The game, under the bed, played by the heroine she was a kid and B2 was a thorough old man..It reminded me of my childhood when I considered hiding under a bed as a game.


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