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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

India Vs England- Second test

Okies...its official. Indian team is only after Australlia( I dont bother who is first..It would any way be aussies). Happy ?? Yes..But what about the performance of the host team in the fifth day of the second match. No sorry, not only on the ultimate day but also on the penultimate day. Come on !! gimme a break. Fourth day was more like a net practice than an actual match. I am not really sure what were the two batsman upto. The run rate was close to 2 with occasionally sleeping below 2 as well. Now what was your worry ? I mean what was your worry after taking a lead of 160. Not 30,40,50. Its 160. Say if you get out within 150 also ( which anyway wont happen)..No still..what would have been worst ? England chasing 311 in some time meagrely more than a day. Adding to it the math of bad light which introduces a minimum delay of 1 hour in the game. So you expect England to make 300 + runs on the last day. Okies..even if you still, isnt the task of the team to play for winning rather than banking upon the previous win which gave them the lead to slobber.

No I am not done yet. At the end of the day people were made to believe that perhaps the pitch was not conducive to play hard shots and one needs to be on his toes. So what happened after Yuvraj came and started playing his trademark pull and cover drive shot game ? Suddenly the conditions improved ? Yes..for the conditions were pshyco-sporty in nature. GG needed someone to start setting the tone from the other end. And...and..I am sad to say that GG at times was more concerned about the 50 that always seemed to be coming. Thats not expected from a player of the stature of GG. If that sounds offending, please watch the video and ask yourself the reason for suddenly upshoot of the strike rate of the left hander opener after he completed his fifty.

Further, at one time India was more than 330 /4 when both the batsman were in their 70s. Now...was there any really need to make these batsman complete their respective 100s. 55 overs left and Dhoni isnt declaring. Why ? to see these star players complete their tons. I am being brought up playing cricket in the colony and hearing the cliche " Its about the win..not about the records ". Suddenly, Yuvraj looses patience( even he knew that it was not the time to complete his ton)..gets run out..well done..Gamble 1 failed . GG follows suit before the " soft dismissal " of MSD. Gamble 2 fails.

Yes, the host always knew that they couldnt loose . It was on the fifth day that the guest knew that they will loose the series 1-0 , come what may !!! England have leveraged upon the "let it go , enjoy " attitude. At least in my book.


Blogger prashant said...

Well said...while we aim to be the best team in the world, we sud not be basking under the glory of the previous wins. It was indeed a winnable test. Wonder if a time comes when ICC makes a rule to give credits to the players who play 100 balls in a test match with under 30 strike rate, Dravid wud top that chart!!

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