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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Review - Rab ne Bana di Jodi

There's something extraordinary about every ordinary Love jodi..It seems like YC has considered every bit of this phrase while making RNB.. Truly, after watching this movie I was asking myself " what was different in this movie " and the answer--??hmmm..probably the special thing about this movie is the ease by which they have shown this complex plot that it doesnt seem as complex as it is. RNB is a thorough movie which has definitely more positives than negatives. The plot is very simple which reduces the work of the director to half. Taani ( anushka) by virtue of a hard decision by the almighty Rab looses her wanna be when their bus meets an accident and like predestined, every passenger dies. Surender sahni ( S2) or SRK is the obvious choice before her father to assign her daughter to before he leaves this world. Plain bad luck for Taani for even an iota of her effervescence doesnt match with a Boring workaholic Punjab Power worker S2. The obvious thing: Taani isnt happy with this cohort. S2 on the other hand is a good man who doesnt show possession for even an inch of his wife. This and much more..with SRK taking the back door route of Dance floor to entice the same old flame of love, though this time for himself, gets taani back to the old ways of leading life and makes finally see Rab in himself.

There is hardly any flaw in SRK's acting, right from the point he sees Taani for the first time in the marriage where he endorses a sense of innocence in his face while sipping cold drink to the point when he picks all of his stuff up and goes upstairs with all his paraphernelia to the point of being a gateway to Punjab power. He does it with all sincerity. Anushka is good as well but seems over serious at times. Vinay pathak is a good support. Thats all for him. But there are some obvious flaws that I could catch. One, there is no sign of Taani recognizing SRK in the dance floor( though, yes, he was quite different) Two, there isnt any communication happening between Taani and SRK about the way they are..How long they gonna be like this..How could they together solve the problem ? Nothing..everything is tacit. Be whatever , at the end there needs to be some pivotal discussions which are found missing. How SRK managed to light up Amritsar in the shape of I love you is also a mystery and an uphill task for the lesser mortals like us..

The movie has some good music which is good to hear. Roop Kumar and Sukhvinder are matching to shahrukh's voice. All in all a good movie and watchable once. My rating : 3/5

Ps: YC should avoid mixing old stuff like Raj, Naam to yaad rahega need to rest on the past laurels at all.


Blogger khushboo said...

hmm....i would jst like to add somethning.. that is...
people may find themselves being attracted to someone ..n thy shouldn't hav any guilt later coz itz very normal.. but u should love the person in whom u find yr RAB... your soulmate.. n it would b alwayz mutual...

5:12 AM

Blogger khushboo said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:13 AM

Blogger Pragya. said... have put things in the right perspective. This was a typical bollywood film and your keen sense of observation is commendable..

Hum hai rahi pyar ke.. phir milege.. chalte chalte..
keep posting..

11:11 AM

Blogger sibu said...

no comments on this one. if i do coment it will be harsh and unsavory!

2:43 PM


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