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Friday, February 01, 2008

Review - Sunday

Ratings are just like statistics...Not in the real sense as in ratings hide more than they reveal..But ratings are perception. But yes, ratings are statistics as they ride over the person's success. Like the movie which casts SRK is bound to have a rating +1 above it deserves. Because even the predictors wants the junta to agree with what they give to the movie of their favourite hero. Now, the person of course who gives the movie the ratings is no God but a human and so can have his own perception. So can my friend Ramesh( name changed on request) who dragged me to watch yesterday one of the most bogus movie, a poor concoction of comedy and suspense. Though concoction is not a right term to be used as we now days have such combinations. huh !!! Sunday--the movie is all deception and not an eye candy by any stretch of imagination. Casting? preety simple..ajay devegan, ayesha takia, arshad varshi and Irfan Khan.

Now does arshad varshi thinks that he can turn any normal scene of the life into a comedy scene..Yes perhaps. He seems to be truly obsessed of himself. The scenes which are displayed supposedly to make you laugh are no comic but just stretched like a chewing gum to make the person laugh at the end , owing to the stupidity of the matter. Certain scenes from the first half had some overtones of few TV programs which get screened in some TV channels which are less privileged( less people watch them).

Yes, sure. Arshad varshi was acting fine..but then the scenes are not supposed to be comic and one could sense that the comedy wing of the movie had just two legs, one each with arshad and irfan khan. If at any moment of time one of them was missing then the scene as expected was turning out to be yawningly boring. The villains were all truly idiots, necessary to make a comedy movie.

The script is loosely edited and there are number of voids that could have been filled with better dialogues, better direction and at times even better location for the shooting. I am not even sure by the fabric of the reel whether the movie had just the background of India gate like we used to have it in 70's with the hero just sitting in the car and background running to depict a moving car, or was it really india gate.

Music: The only romantic song in the movie was a good respite amid the otherwise cacophonic pseudo item numbers. Ajay devegan prooved again that comedy never, was, is and will be his forte. Irfan Khan is perhaps swimming against the tide of his good image by taking such roles.

The movie in a single word is an "avoidable" watch. Avoid all your temptations to watch a movie and wait for AGPPL's Jodha Akbar.

my rating for the movie -- 1.5/5


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