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Monday, March 22, 2010

Traffic problem - a mild soln.

Yes..This is one of the biggest problem in Delhi ( read NCR) . Since I have travelled for around 10 days to Noida in my bad time ( which may come again any time) , I know it very well. Travel any day from Gurgaon delhi highway or DND ( delhi noida direct) and you shall note the number of cars that occupy the roads. I say this to the extent that Raipur and Delhi are same in the traffic ( just replace the cycles and two wheelers by car in delhi) .

Now, the thing..a thought just came to my mind which I would like to jot down, lest I forget the same. I was reading economics basics while timepassing today when I read about the concept of " Relatively Inelastic Demand ". For people who want to know, a commodity is said to have a relative Inelastic demand when the quantity demanded doesnt changes much with the change in price ( read price rise ). Ex..Gas, petrol. What would people do when the price of petrol rises by say 20 % ( quite a big one huh !!!) ..would you not go to office. Of course these delhi people would. Just that you'd like some trick to make you sail those tough days when prices are soaring big time. So ?? what do do ? As a part of CSR ( corporate social responsibility) companies can tie up with the govt of india to do this : Identify people who travel daily from car from one place to another..say GGN to Noida or the other way as well. Say them to travel daily in one car instead of using 4 cars separately to inflate their egos. Now, where does govt come into the scene. Ask govt to keep a check post where people would come and show their respective car RC Books. To do what ? to show to the check post that see..we had 4 cars and now we are travelling by 1. Cousins of R.K.Pachauri. Give each of 'em a point like the I-Mint points. When you get some x I-Petrol points by travelling together give them 5 litres of petrol free ( just a number ..) . This is one big incentive which would raise employees motivation to travel together. Win win for every one. First the employee saved money by travelling with his peers( which otherwise his ego didnt allow him to ) and secondly all got some incentive for doing this. Take my bet, people would go jealous and form big time groups. Combine this with the award that your company gives..example..." Green employee of the year " or "eco frndly employee " of the year. Use some line like " get petrol by saving petrol " ..isnt it catchy ??. This model is applicable to allt the places..example...Metro. Go to office by metro carrying your RC book and get some points. This would increase traffic in Metro but would reduce pollution in the road by ( I think 20 % atleast ). That would help India reduce its Per capita carbon emission and give a blunt slap on the face of big shots like US.

what do you say ?? Tell me..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:50 PM

Blogger Ayush Biyani said...

Request the commentators to post the comment in English..Posting the comment in their local language wont help the cause. After all, the comment is for everyone to see and understand.

11:51 AM

Blogger Dhira said...

i read few of ur articles...u write really good

5:22 AM

Blogger Ayush Biyani said...

Thanks Dhira..that was really encouraging.

1:57 PM

Blogger Dhira said...

keep on writing so that people cn atleast read n undrstnd and become conscious n cautious....

12:45 AM

Blogger Ayush Biyani said...

Yeah...I do write whenever I have something different to say and I feel convictive about.

2:45 AM


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