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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MBA - My disgust

Its been long since the CAT result is announced. Go to any mba site ( my fav Pagalguy) and you'd find out plethora of links about each college giving their cut off candidates ( the gd pi list). Click on any list and you'd see thousands of comments. The comment typically reads : " Yippie..I made it to IIM xyz.." " first call of the season..I am coming IIM xyz " and with that you'd find comments like " shit..I couldnt make it ..had 99.xx with balanced sectionals ". The next question someone asks is "dude how were your acads " ? Poor comes back the answer. Thats it ? done ?? Poor acads and out ? Yes..terribly. When it comes to getting an IIM call the rules are more or less like this. The last post I pasted shows the disgust of a professor who is not done with the bad policy IIM A has taken this year. Since long time, they had a stringent requirement of balanced sectional and this time they have learn a lesson from the youngest one. 70 % in board. And if not then ?? Then get 100 % and get a reject.

Now what is board exam ? class 10th ? class 12th ? No..both ? and extrapolating on this ? the next restriction will be on class 8th board. When I was in class 10th I was 15. Most of us are 15-16 when they are. Going by the present trend most of us apply when we have 2-3 yrs of work ex. So an average junta is 24-25. You see a lot of world, learn a lot many things and of course learn the most important thing that grades are not to be taken easily. Given a chance most of us would like to rectify the mistakes of life what we did ? Its really unfortunate that some policy maker is seating in a CAT office of IIM A and deciding people's fate for a small mistake they did in Class 10th. Come on Man !! grow up. Past is an indicator but not the only factor to decide somebody's entry or exit. That too for a GD PI ? I see. This to me is a gross
injustice to the students who didnt do well in the initial phase of their life but did good after that.

It seems like IIM A is relying too much on the statistics to decide a binary value. Who has the guts to tell 'em that the logistic regression doesnt work this way in this field. Why cant they have advanced measures to calculate a person's capability. Why cant they invite even those who didnt do well in class 10th but did well in CAT. Does that mean that from next year in the CAT form a person who has less than 70 % need not apply to IIM A ? Gross harshness. Come on Man you are the shapers of the nation. Motivate the candidate to do well in life by selecting him. If that doesnt work, coax him to some extent. But dont debar him. Actually this is also a way to escape themselves from a pain. The pain of selecting a worthy but an average class 10th performer. Why to make them write essays and then analyze whether they have sufficient mettle. We have plenty of applicant. Who bothers about those 400 candidates.

And the North east don ..IIM Shillong..Hilarious. 75 % in 1oth, 75 % in 12th. 80 % in BTech. Result. 70 % worthy candidates out. Their moto.." dont worry about CAT..CAT just measures your pressure handling capacity " class 10th measures much more than that. One IIT Bombay guy who had some 7.5 CG was shouting over a conventional university guy who had 85 % in BE.
IIM Shillong is not even fuzzy at this minimum level. By that equation an IIT degree is less important for admit to IIM S than class x board.

And other IIMs are learning. This time IIM I gave 30 % weightage to acads and so I was out..

IIM B is already the darling of X, XII toppers and the 4 pointers of the Institutes. Where is then CAT ?? CAT has gone from the major criteria to just one of the criteria..

No ends to this injustice..fate will remain the fate. 2 pointers..earn well and live happily..


Blogger Kaustubh said...


People on the top are making their lives easier by setting myriad restrictions on the entry. It does not matter to them if the best 400 are to be selected. They know among the first 10000 any 400 will do for them. It is EASIER to have a well defined process - 10th, 12th, college result etc to select the 400 rather than to read essays and handle GDs and PIs of all 10000 potential students. Nothing more than that. If one were to go and talk to one of the policy-makers at IIMs personally she will say "We are not supposed to care for the sentiments, aspirations and disappointment of aspirants. All we are supposed to do is to select 400 candidates. By setting all the new rules we are in a better position to prove method and transparency in the process."

My question is - Is everyone in the corporate world not like that? Is the entire corporate world not progressing while shaking away social responsibility towards the world they live in? To make corporate professionals, they teach the same thing. They put you through these barriers so that tomorrow you will become insensitive towards such injustice and a wider variety of injustice. Being professional means - Overlooking the interest of the society for the sake of the interest of the company. They even justify it - "there is no good or bad, no right or wrong in a complex world. All that matters is how things are going to shape up for me personally." And only when something personally wrong happens, an outcry for sentiments, justice and social responsibility comes out.

I think you would not have written this blog post had you been a 3+ pointer and a better student at school (After the same unjust CAT result). I just hope that your species will open their eyes towards the larger injustices happening all around you.

11:00 AM

Blogger Ayush Biyani said...

Kaustubh, well written. Yes, I agree that such criterion develop the transparency to answer people. Although I dont know if debarring is the only thing nearest to transparency..some thing called weightage could be applied. Corporate sector on the other hand is defined by the profit motive thing. That said, I am unable to see why do you say..they teach you to become insensitive. It'd be great if you could write a blog on this. I would get some insights on this then.

8:47 AM

Blogger Kaustubh said...

A guy I know wrote this :
Not my kind of world

If only I could smile when I didnt want to and laugh at jokes I didnt find funny. If only I could ask questions, the answers to which I didnt really care about. If only I could crib and not do anything about the thing I cribbed about. If only I could bend over and let someone shove me, under the guise of patting my back. If only I could lose sleep over and make people lose sleep over, things that did not make an iota of a difference to the world or me. If only I could do something without trying to do it in a different way than it was already being done. If only I could take 8 hours for doing something worth 2. If only I could make useless sounds in forced gatherings. If only I could be stupid enough to not see that people could figure out if my intentions betrayed my actions. If only I could revel in this collective stupidity.

If only I could, I would have been a star in the corporate, because like they say (to everyone), I am one of the smartest they have.

Unfortunately, I am real.
I might not be as great as this guy but I share his attitude towards the corporate world.

2:16 PM

Blogger Ayush Biyani said...

I agree with this guy's sentiments.

6:43 PM


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