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Friday, August 01, 2008

Terrorists(Ts) Rock

No, seriously..They rock and the whole India, specially smaller cities suck big time. What used to be the privilege of the likes of Mumbai and Delhi( Blissfully Kolkata excluded !! till when ? ) is now the affair of every arbitrary mediocre Indian city, on the verge of getting out of adolescence. Jaipur and Ahmedabad being the latest muse of the Ts. The cities are coming out of their innocence and flirting with the bombs analogically like a DU gal . The innocence of the adolescence is lost and methinks US is safer than India nowdays.

The vocab has increased. Serial and parallel are no more the privileged words of the killers or wierdly an Electronics engineers. They are used ubiquitiously to define the time concept of the attacks. The average number of crowd loosing life increases per attack, so does the number of bombs per attack. The only thing getting less is the time between the consequent attacks, ironically so ! . Suddenly it's all terror wave here and what's more? the time honoured adage stating "problem is the mother of oppurtunity " pops up again as we see many companies offering terror insurance to you. Insurance ? for a terrorist attack. You mean like any random accident ? Yes sir ! Terror attacks are purely random and have gained a Pan-India angle to them. Really ? Yes, with the Ts blowing sirens of danger with the pipelined plans disclosed. Bhopal, Indore, Newdelhi( Obviously so !), Kerala( kozhikode/cochin). Kolkata is not behind in the rat race of explosion with almost a daily arrest of atleast one suspect.

My personal bet ? Pune, Mumbai( long time no attacks !), Hyderabad and who knows Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh. But as the attacks are growing, so are growing the number of caught low intensity bombs in and around mediocre cities, Surat being the latest. Surat is one case where I am dumbfounded by the amount of success police has achieved. Touchwood ( if at all its not a trap to divert people to smaller attacks and plan a big one somewhere else) . So ? whats the take home given to me by the home(read elders) ? dont go out unless required. Dont go Delhi. dont go here and there or anywhere. So when shall we go? Comes back the answer from within..wait for the next attack..yes, the Nth number explosion of a unit attack.


Blogger Debashis said...

This one's cool...the readers will be caught off guard for sure as there's a feel of impending doom through out the piece!

4:46 AM

Blogger udit said...

Well your post started off well, but you lost the momentum somewhere in the middle and by the end your thought could not be convyed properly( atleast to).

5:12 AM

Blogger $$$khushboo said...

"problem is the mother of oppurtunity ".. i do agree to this

4:33 AM


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