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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The equilibrium

Ideally this article shouldnt be written on the web. Reason ? not very far from the fact or my perception that the closest feelings are better kept a secret than to openly say before the world. Of course a rebellion would oppose me. Infact my own various versions at various times would oppose me. I have myself indulged in opining my views openly before who's who of my profession without any hitch. But, was I always right ? Should I have said that?

Of course I could be wrong many a times but the main point is that one needs to do a cost benefit analysis at any given point in his life. The cost includes the cost in the form of emotional trauma as well. The questions which you might be asking yourself could also be a part of that cost. Everybody is capable of doing that. In a way, I think a basic cost benefit analysis is always running inside everybody's mind. Thats the bloody reason why we can't shout on our seniors unlike delivering that power speech at our relatives or room partners very easily.

The most important quality of a winner is less about winning most of the times and more about bouncing back from even the most brutal failures. Actually, internally that is understanding the basic point that " yes this could happen to me ". The people who leave it and give up are the people who think both : one, I cant do this much and second, How could this happen to me? These are the most easy replies you can give to yourself. The ego shattering process where most of the inertia lies is asking yourself the question while you feel drops of sweat on your forehead. Why did this happen? Finally, everyone adapts to the situation and asks himself/herself this question. Its how soon you ask yourself this question which determines the altitude you are gonna reach. The later you go about asking yourself this question, the more is the ground you are loosing.

Taking a closer home example : I am, and was trying hard to write few lines maintaining my passion for writing. I always knew that I keep loosing my interest in writing. But I had to maintain that zeal to write more and better each time. I knew I was getting late to start an article. This lead to a feeling of loosing time. I finally saw a movie and started a review of the same movie. It was some 2 months, after which I was pressing the keys of the computer to write something creative so, was bit conscious. Finally something happened and I ended up pressing Ctrl X instead of Ctrl V and the whole sand castle was shattered by the sea in 1 go. The feelings that a human experiences follows a decaying curve , something like A*e ^(-vt) . More is the A more is the "chance" of near by things including relations, objects getting destroyed. Also, more is the topic/subject close to heart more is the A. While it is not necessary to have A more , it is really necessary to have v some what more. Because thats the decaying factor. I after cutting my post felt something like jumping from the building. After some time, I thought of slapping myself followed by saying " Shit " very loudly. The end feeling was similar to " its ok, write it once more "; The first feeling was " jump from this bldg " and the intermediate feeling " shit ". Its this middle feeling like the middle portion of the Normal curve that matters the most. Just like the Normal curve's middle represents the true mass, the middle feeling represents the real emotion.

Its after some 10 days that I am again daring to write something on my own..This article is purely dedicated to my experience some days back. I am over it now and I can write more now..Thanks to the human adaptability, we never stop living the life, come what may.


Blogger Debashis said...

Good original content but would have made an even better read with some direct and less suggestive content. At places it requires the reader to step into the author's shoes to empathize with the reasoning inherent in the passage.

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